Mixed Open - 06-10-2018
In amazingly bad conditions considering recent weather, the Warren held a mixed Open on Saturday. A field of 29 teams braved early heavy rain and increasingly strong winds to produce some good scores. But it was the team of Mike Phillips Jnr backed by Malcolm Watchcorn and Kim Stoneman who made the best of their late start time to avoid the worst of the downpour but still had to battle against 30mph in which 78 points was an excellent score.

1st: Mike Phillips, Kim Stoneman & Malcom Watchorn 79 points,
2nd: Paul Eaton, Sam Williams & Simon Coleman 75 points,
3rd: Stephen Kew, James Parkhouse & Keith Brimson 72 points,
4th: Simon Carr, Nick Wilden & Peter Morris 70 points,
5th: Stephen Hooper, Paul Ticehurst & Greg Ticehurst 70 points.
In the windy conditions only 7 players came in with twos so they all walked away with 20 golf balls each.

Ladies' Autumn Open 06-09-2018
Thursday saw the Ladies playing their Autumn Open, a 3 ball Texas Scramble. With 27 teams including 16 of visitors and the rest made up of a mix of visitors and Warren ladies. The weather was fine, the wind not too strong and so some very good scores were recorded. As part of the event there was a very successful raffle which raised £288 for the Ladies' Captain's Charities of Force and Rowcroft Hospice.
1st: Annie Norman, Sue Gannon & Lyne Beevers (Exeter) nett 59.7
2nd: Belinda McSherry (Tavistock), Carole Raymond (Exeter) & Gillian Down (Exminster) nett 62.4
3rd: Linda Farrant, Margaret Jeffs & Tessa Shaw (Stover) nett 64.1
4th: Kaz Sampson, Jenni Bee (Warren) & Hannah Stephens (Teignmouth) nett 64.4
Nearearest the pin on 5th: Lorraine Gorman (Teignmouth)
Nearest the pin on 13th Jane Williams (East Devon)
2's by Team:
4 x 2's Team: Annie Norman,
2 x 2's Teams: Carole Hort & Lesley Breyley,
1 x 2's Teams: Gina Redman, Jane Williams, Belinda McSherry, Sue Petulengro, Mo Longstreet, Liz Chance, Sue Widdowson & Nikki Scott.


26th May 2018
Warren Captain's Day - Open Betterball Stableford
1st   Barry Keith & Nick Bunn   42 points cb   
2nd Ed Poultney & Andy Riches  42 points 
3rd Geoff Konetsky & Phil Pearson  41 points cb 
4th Simon Carr & Pete Morris  41 points cb   
5th Wayne Ebdon & Barry Tucker  41 points cb
Best Mixed Team Richard Williams & Elizabeth Bird  40 points
Best Ladies Team  Karen Sampson & Adi Hough-Bekker  37 points 


3rd May 2018
Ladies' Spring Open - Teams of 3, 2 scores to count stableford
1st Jenni Hutchinson, Nickki Scott & Lorraine Gorman (Teignmouth)  70 points
2nd Anne Norman, Sue Gannon & Liz Mapson (Exeter)  70 points bb9
3rd Mona Carter, Chris Luttman & Lesley Oxenham (Honiton)  70 points
Best Front 9 Ali Miller, Nina Hawkins & Lesley Dawson (East Devon)  42 points
Best Back 9 Teresa Barrett, Kaz Sampson & Eve Andrews (Warren/Fingle Glen)  39 points
Nearest the pin on 5th Liz Mapson (Exeter)  
Nearest the line on 17th Chris Clarke (Exeter)  
There were 3 twos: Chris Luttman (Honiton), Liz Mapson (Exeter) and Anne Norman (Exeter) each of whom received 18 golf balls.


28th October 2017
Men's Open - Two Man Scramble - Medal
1st Rick Osborne & Simon Knapmann (Churston)  62
2nd Greg Ticehurst & Paul Ticehurst (Warren)  62.4 bb6
3rd Rob Barker & Paul Eaton (Warren)  62.4


14th October 2017
Autumn Men's Open - 3 men, 2 scores to count, Stableford
1st Chris Hayter, Paul Eaton & Rob Baker (Warren)  81 points cb
2nd Chris Dewes, Tim Thacker & Rob Hallworth (Whittingheath)  81 points
3rd Jeremy Binch, Dave Heaton and Simon Rooke (Warren)  80 points


30th September 2017
125 Years Anniversary Invitation (Pairs betterball stableford, off 90% handicap)
Invitation Winners    
1st Andrew Hitchman & Darren Old  42 points
2nd Nick Bunn & Tom Long  41 points
3rd Carl Kinson & Keith Parnell  40 points cb
Men's Winners    
1st Nick Wilden & Paul Harrison 41pts,   41 points
2nd Mark Heaver & Sean Greenaway  40 points
3rd Dave Heaton & Rich Williams  40 points
Vets' Winners    
1st Peter Farmer & Tony Andrews  39 points,
2nd Stuart Piper & Tony Rooke  38 points cb.
Ladies/Mixed Winners    
1st Adi Hough-Bekker & Barry Keith 42pts,
2nd Jenni Bee & Julia Norman 41pts.
Nearest the pin on 5th Jeremy Binch  
Nearest Pin in 2 on 8th (Ladies) Julia Norman  
Nearest the pin on 13th John Pearce  
Nearest the pin in 2 on 17th (Men) Tom Long  
Neaerest the line on 4th Stuart Piper  
Nearest the line on 18th Nigel Old  


9th September 2017
125 Years Charity Am Am - Four person, 2 scores to count, Medal
1st Sal Khadaroo, Paul Fryatt, Darren Burridge & Sarah Thomas (Warren)  122 (-16)
2nd Marc Bowers, Liam Mitchell, Jonny Doidge & Paul Bowers (Filton/Kendalshire)  125 (-13)
3rd Sam Williams, Paul Eaton, Jon Skinner & Rob Baker (Warren)  130 (-8) bb9
4th Chris Rowe, Toby Downer, Adam Winstone, Philip Winstone (Dainton)  130 (-8)

Nearest the pin: on 3rd Graham Norman, on 5th Mark Heaver, on 8th Andrew Parker, on 13th Paul Eaton and on 16th Marc Bowers.
Nearest the pin in 2 on 7th Marc Bowers.
Nearest the line on 4th John Urquhart, on 10th Marcus Dove and on 18th Steve Rew.


7th September 2017
Warren Ladies' Open - Texas Scramble Medal
1st Alison Marsh, Sarah Thomas & Sara Bottomly (Warren/Upavon)  66.9
2nd Adi Hough-Bekker, & Kaz Sampson & Sarah Plunkett (Warren/Teinmouth)  67.3
3rd Jenni Bee, Tina Bindon & Heidi Watson-Jones (Warren/Honiton)   67.4
4th Jane Williams, Sue Harrison-Jones and Marrilyn Gerrard (East Devon)  67.9
Best Back 9 Marie Timms, Sheila Faulkner & Brenda Somerfield (Sidmouth)  37 on cb
Best Front 9 Louise Darke, jenny Rowe & Deborah Parsons (Dainton)  35 on cb
Longest Drive 17th Anne Norman (Exeter)  
Nearest the Pin 5th Mary Dummett (Teignmouth)  
Putting Competition  Heidi Watson-Jones (Honiton)  

2's: 2 x 2s Angie Seal's team (Teignmouth), Annie Carter's team (Sidmouth), Irene Berry's team (Stover), Liz Hansford's team (Stover), Louise Darke's team (Dainton) & Anne Norman's team (Exeter).

10th June 2017
Colonel Creasy Salver
1st  M. Commins, M. Crocker & M. Heaver  125
2nd  M. Dove, J. Binch & J. Allum  127
3rd  P.Skidmore, M. Hooper & R. Reid  127


4th May 2017
Ladies' Spring Open - 3 Ball Team Event
1st Jean Halliday (Warren), Jill Diprose (Warren) & Elaine Ewings (Torquay)  83 points
2nd Kaz Sampson (Warren), Adi Hough-Bekker (Warren) & Hannah Stevens (Teignmouth)  80 points
3rd Annie Norman (Exeter), Mary Fox (Exeter) &Anne Bate (Exeter)  80 points
4th  Jane Williams (East Devon), Marilyn Gerrard (East Devon) & Suzanne Jones (East Devon)  78 points
Best Back 9 Gina Redman (Warren), Beverley Meeks (Exeter) &Chris Clark (Exeter)  77 points
Best Front 9 Nicky Curtis (Teignmouth), Sarah Plunket (Teignmouth) & Ann Whitaker (Teignmouth)  77 points
 Nearest the Pin (13th)  Marilyn Gerrard (East Devon)  
 Longest Drive (17th)  Jules Norman (Exeter)  

 2's Jane Smale (Exeter), Eilidh Cameron (East Devon), Isabel McFarlane (Teignmouth)


23rd April 2017
Challenge Cup Mixed Open - Greensomes Stableford
1st A.Marsh & S.Carr  46 points
2nd J.Halliday & T.Andrews  41 points
3rd T.Downer & T.Jones  39 points
4th  S.Mason & P.Jordan  38 points bb9


2nd April 2017
Peterkin Salver - Individual 2 round medal

Gross - Aggregate of best 2 Gross scores using first round handicaps

1st Matt Kippen  73 + 64 = 137
2nd Jeremy Binch  69 + 68 = 137
3rd Chris Mcgill  69 + 70 = 139
4th B. Sclater  69 + 75 = 147
5th T. Benney  72 + 75 = 147
6th Marcus Dove  73 + 75 = 148
  Nett - Aggregate of best 2 Nett scores using first round handicaps  
1st T. Benney  67 + 70 = 137
2nd Jeremy Binch  70 + 69 = 139
3rd Chris Mcgill  69 + 70 = 139
4th Marcus Dove  64 + 76 = 140
5th Keith Brimson  64 + 76 = 140
6th Matt Kippen  75 + 66 =141


25th March 2017
1892 Texas Scramble
1st Marshfield, Marshfield & Marshfield  51.8
2nd Coleman, Sclater & Poultney  53.4 bb9
3rd Stamenkovic, Commins & Crocker  53.4
4th  Benham , S.Henley & Cook  53.8 bb9
5th Skidmore, Reid & Mann  53.8


10th March 2017
1892 Betterball Stableford
1st Skidmore/Reid  46 points
2nd Eaton/Baker  44 points bb9
3rd Commins/Henley  44 points bb6
4th  Harwood/Andrews  44 points


19th February 2017
Warren Seagull
1st K. Brimson & D. Hodges  64
2nd S. Mayes & R. Benham  67 cb
3rd S. Greenaway & G. Quinn  67 cb
4th  M. Commins & M. Crocker  67 cb