This pages displays results from Ladies' Competitions. 

7th September 2017  Ladies' Autumn Open - please see Opens Results
4th September 2017
Ladies' Catain's Away Day at Stover GC
1st Sarah Thomas, Nicola Davies & Frances Lewes-Palmer  
2nd Linda Trunkfield, Lesley Turpin & Tricia Clarke  
3rd Mo Norrish, Carole Hort & Heather Petty  
  Jan Varvel, Jill Diprose & Mo Wood  

Nearest pin in 2 was Jill Diprose.


24th & 31st August 2017
Hamilton Hunter Trophy - two round eclectic medal
1st Jan Varvel  70 nett
2nd Alison Marsh  77 nett
3rd Kaz Sampson  79 nett


17th August 2017
Braddel Trophy - Individual stableford for handicaps of 25 and under
1st Sarah Thomas 34 points
2nd Mo Wood 30 points cb
3rd Kaz Sampson 30 points


17th August 2017
Anstey Trophy - Individual stableford for handicaps of 26 and over
1st Jenni Bee 33 points
2nd Jean Halliday 31 points
3rd Tricia Clarke 30 points


10th August 2017
Morton Flag
1st Linda Trunkfield 2nd shot down the 19th
2nd Heather Petty Left edge of 18th green
3rd Sarah Thomas On the 18th fairway

viagra dosage standard Note: The Morton Flag is an annual competition in which each lady adds her handicap to standard scratch for the ladies' card to get her allowed number of shots. The course is then played as a medal and each lady keeps playing untill she runs out of shots. The lady who gets furthest with her allowed shots is the winner.


3rd August 2017
Ladies' Captain's Day - Fun individual stableford with one kick, one throw, one free putt and a joker hole
1st  Jan Varvel  42 points
2nd  Frances Lewes-Palmer  41 points
3rd  Gina Redman  39 points
4th  Linda Trunkfield  38 points
5th  Carole Hort  34 points cb
10 Hole Winner  Beryl Harrison  
Nearest the pin 5th  Lesley Turpin  


where to buy cialis online no prescription 31st July Annual Ladies v. Vets - see Club Results


27th July 2017
Individual Stableford - Qualifier
1st Gina Redman  34 points
2nd Jean Hallliday  32 points
3rd Marian Tose  31 points cb


20th July 2017
125 years Celebratory Mixed (Ladies & Vets) Special Event,
a drawn pairs Texas scramble (medal, 3 drives each, 10% combined handicap)
1st Marlene Dyment & Roy Gibson  72.0
2nd Marian Tose & Tony Andrews  73.4
3rd Tricia Clarke & Brian Riordan  73.9
4th Mo Wood & Dave Cann  75.5


13th July 2017
Warren Crocus Qualifier
1st Jean Dyer & Sarah Thomas (Silver Qualifiers)  38 points
2nd Kaz Sampson & Jan Varvel  36 points
3rd Frances Lewes-Palmer & Alison Marsh (Bronze Qualifiers)  35 points


6th July 2017
125 Years Celebration Betterball
1st Alison Marsh & Frances Lewes-Palmer  40 points
2nd Gina Redman & Kaz Sampson  39 points (cb)
3rd Sarah Thomas & Mo Wood  39 points


29th June 2017
Texas Scramble
1st Mo Wood, Jan Varvel & June Cassidy  74.3
2nd Marian Tose, Alison Marsh & Jean Dyer  74.7
3rd Gina Redman, Jean Halliday & Mo Norrish  75.2


22nd June 2017
Charity & Invitation Day
(Individual stableford with double points on par 3s, full handicap)
1st Sara Bottemly - Upavon  53 points
2nd Jane Williams - East Devon  46 points
3rd Jean Halliday  45 points
4th Gina Redman  44 points
5th Alison Marsh  43 points
Nearest the pin on 5th Marlene Dyment  
Best front 9 Jean Dyer  
2's Sara Bottemly on the 16th  

See also the news story on this event.


16th June 2017
Club Championship - Scratch
(aggregate of best 2 gross scores from 2 rounds using first round handicaps)
1st Kaz Sampson 97 + 94 = 191
2nd Gina Redman 96 + 95 = 191
3rd Jan Varvel 94 + 102 = 196

The following players will play in the Presidents Knockout: Kaz Sampson, Gina Redman, Jan Varvel, Heather Petty, Jean Dyer, Sarah Thomas, Jean Halliday, Alison Marsh.


16th June 2017
Club Championship - Nett
(aggregate of best 2 Nett scores from 2 rounds using first round handicaps)
1st Jean Halliday 76 + 73 = 149
2nd Heather Petty 75 + 74 =149
3rd Gina Redman 77 + 76 = 153


15th June 2017
Club Championship - Round 1
1st Jean Dyer Gross 90, Nett 71
2nd Heather Petty Gross 99, Nett 75
3rd Jean Halliday Gross 105, Nett 76


25th May 2017
Express & Echo Foursomes
1st Jenni Bee & Teressa Barrett 31 points
2nd Mo Wood & Heather Petty 29 points
3rd Sarah Thomas & Ali Marsh 27 points


18th May 2017
Canadian Greensome
1st Jan Varvel & Teressa Barrett 35 points
2nd Carole Hort & Jan Wright 32 points
3rd Jean Dyer & Marlene Dyment 31 points


11th May 2017
Chenery Salver (Par Competition)
1st Gina Redman  - 2
2nd Mo Wood  - 7
3rd Sarah Thomas  - 7


purchase low price generic cialis soft tab 4th May - Ladies' Spring Open - see Open Results


27th April 2017
Anzac Yellow Square
1st Alison marsh, Mo Norrish & Jan Wright 131 points
2nd Jan Varvel, Jill Diprose & Mo Wood 125 points
3rd Linda Trunkfield, Jean Dyer & Joy Tothill 124 points


20th April 2017
Knowles Cup
1st Mo Wood 37 after count back
2nd Heather Petty 37
3rd Sarah Thomas 36


13th April 2017
Easter Scramble
1st Gina Redman, Jan Wright & Marlene Dyment 72.1
2nd Jean Dyer , Mo Wood & Jill Diprose 72.5
3rd Heather Petty, Lesley Turpin & Teressa Barrett 75.5


6th April 2017
Killard Levey
1st Kaz Sampson & Jan Varvel (qualifiers for County competition) 33 points
2nd Gina Redman & Alison Marsh 26 points
3rd Heather Petty & Lesley Turpin 21 points


6th April 2017
Aussie Spoons
1st Jenni Bee & Teressa Barrett (Club reps for regional final) 34 points
2nd Kaz Sampson & Jan Varvel 33 points
3rd Marian Tose & Mo Norrish 26 points


30th March 2017
Ladies Medal
1st Kaz Sampson  74 nett
2nd Gina Redman 76 nett
3rd Alison Marsh 79 nett


23rd March 2017
Coronation Foursomes
1st Gina Redman & Jean Halliday 29 pts
2nd Kaz Sampson & Heather Petty 28 pts
3rd Mo Wood & Jean Dyer 36 pts


16th March 2017
St Patrick's Day Spring Stableford
1st Linda Trunkfield 38 pts bb6
2nd Jean Dyer 38 pts
3rd Gina Redman 35 pts


16th February 2017
Valentines Greensomes
1st Jill Diprose & Kaz Sampson 36 pts 
2nd Mo Norrish & Jan Varvel 35 pts
3rd Jean Halliday & Jan Wright 32 pts bb9


9th February 2017
 Score discount viagra online canada Medal    
1st Kay Foster  31
2nd Sarah Thomas  35
3rd Annie Norman  36 kamagra just naturals Stableford    
1st Sarah Thomas  20 points
2nd Kaz Sampson  19 points bb6
3rd Jill Diprose  19 points


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25th August 2016
Knowles Cup - Stableford
1st Tina Bindon 38pts 
2nd Linda Trunkfield 35pts
3rd Karren Burge 33pts bb9


18th August 2016
Morton Flag
1st Heather Petty 19th
2nd Jenni Bee 18th Green
3rd Sarah Thomas 18th Fairway


4th August 2016
Individual Stableford
1st Jean Halliday 31pts 
2nd Frances Lewes-Palmer 30pts
3rd Jenni Bee 29pts


30th July 2016
Hamilton Hunter - 2 Round Eclectic
1st Kaz Sampson 147 
2nd Pat Harker 147
3rd Frances Lewes-Palmer 150


14th July 2016
Warren Crocus Qualifier - Greensomes Stableford
1st Annie Ward & Kaz Sampson (Silver) 41pts 
2nd Linda Trunkfield & Teresa Barrett (Bronze) 40pts
3rd Sarah Thomas & Jean Dyer 38pts


7th July 2016
Express & Echo Qualifier - Foursomes Stableford
1st Joy Tothill & Frances Lewes-Palmer 31pts bb9
2nd Linda Trunkfield & Gina Redman 31pts
3rd Kaz Sampson & Jenni Bee 29pts


29th June 2016
Centenary Trophy - Par
1st Heather Petty 1
2nd Carole Hort 0 bb9
3rd Linda Trunkfield 0


23rd June 2016
Individual Stableford
1st Heather Petty 34pts
2nd Ann Ward 31pts
3rd Tina Bindon 29pts


16th/17th June 2016
Club Championship - Scratch
1st Kaz Sampson 185
2nd Gina Redman 201
3rd Sarah Thomas 204


16th/17th June 2016
Club Championship - Nett
1st Kaz Sampson 155
2nd Heather Petty 160
3rd Tina Bindon 163


16th June 2016
Individual Medal
1st Kaz Sampson 76
2nd Gina Redman 80 bb9
3rd Frances Lewes-Palmer 80


9th June 2016
Fradgley Bowls - Foursomes Medal
1st Carole Hort & Mo Wood 78
2nd Kaz Sampson & Jenni Bee 81
3rd Jean Dyer & Tricia Clarke 84 bb9


2nd June 2016
Ladies Invitation - Greensomes Stableford
1st Sarah Thomas & Jan Cousins 42pts
2nd Linda Trunkfield & Caroline Brown 36pts bb9
3rd Gina Redman & Jane Williams 36pts


26th May 2016
Chenery Salver - Par
1st Tina Bindon -2
2nd Annie Ward -3 bb9
3rd Sarah Thomas -3


19th May 2016
Individual Stableford
1st Teresa Barrett 31pts
2nd Jean Dyer 27pts
3rd Heather Petty 22pts


12th May 2016
Individual Medal
1st Sarah Thomas 78
2nd Linda Trunkfield 81
3rd Gina Redman 83


28th April 2016
Killard Leavy - Foursomes Stableford
1st Ali Marsh & Gina Redman 38pts
2nd Tina Bindon & Pat Harker 28pts
3rd Annie Ward & Tricia Clarke 27pts


21st April 2016
1-2-3 Stableford
1st Ali Marsh, Linda Trunkfield, Frances Lewes-Palmer 74pts
2nd Lesley Turpin, Tina Bindon, Marlene Dyment 71pts
3rd Sarah Thomas, Heather Petty, Jean Halliday 61pts


14th April 2016
Mayer Cup - Individual Medal
1st Carole Hort 76
2nd Lesley Turpin 77 bb9
3rd Sarah Thomas 77


7th April 2016
Individual Stableford
1st Linda Trunkfield 27pts 
2nd Mo Wood 25pts
3rd Ann Ward 24pts bb9


31st March 2016
Creasy Salver Rd 1/ Spring Medal
1st Linda Trunkfield 74 
2nd Tina Bindon 77
3rd Marian Tose 79 bb9


25th March 2016
Coronation Foursomes Stableford
1st Jean Halliday, Jean Dyer 31pts 
2nd Sarah Thomas, Ali Marsh 30pts 
3rd Lesley Turpin, Heather Petty 29pts 


17th March 2016
American Greensomes Stableford
1st Jenni Bee, Teresa Barrett 37pts 
2nd Jean Halliday, Mo Norrish 35pts bb9
3rd Sarah Thomas, Ali Marsh 35pts 


10th March 2016
Yellow Square Stableford
1st Kaz Sampson, Lesley Turpin, Heather Petty 116pts 
2nd Jenni Bee, Ali Marsh, Pat Harker 113pts
3rd Linda Trunkfield, Jean Halliday, Tina Bindon 94pts 


3rd March 2016
18 Hole Individual Stableford
1st Kaz Sampson 34pts bb9
2nd Jenni Bee 34pts
3rd Linda Trunkfield 33pts 


18th February 2016
10 Hole Stableford
1st Sarah Thomas 24pts bb9
2nd Teresa Barrett 24pts
3rd Jill Diprose 23pts 


11th February 2016
3-2-1 Stableford
1st Kaz Sampson, Ali Marsh, Mo Wood 66pts
2nd Mo Norrish, Tina Bindon, Heather Petty 59pts
3rd Sarah Thomas, Carole Hort, Marian Tose 54pts bb9


4th February 2016
Texas Scramble
1st Kaz Sampson, Lesley Turpin, Gina Cox 68.8
2nd Annie Ward, Sarah Thomas, Jenni Bee 72
3rd Ali Marsh, Heather Petty, Pat Harker 73


28th  January 2016
4 Clubs & A Putter
1st Kay Foster 33pts
2nd Annie Ward 27pts
3rd Carole Hort 25pts bb9


21st January 2016
10 Hole Stableford
1st Tina Bindon 19pts
2nd Gina Redman 17pts
3rd Gina Cox 16pts bb9


7th January 2016
 American Greensomes
1st Kaz Sampson & Pat Harker 23pts
2nd Jill Diprose & Gina Redman 20pts
3rd Ali Marsh & Sarah Thomas 19pts


10th Decembe2015
 10 Hole Christmas Lunch Stableford
1st Carole Hort 19pts
2nd Mo Wood 18pts
3rd Kaz Sampson 17pts


3rd December 2015
1st Lesley Turpin 31pts
2nd Sarah Thomas 30pts
3rd Gina Redman 23pts


19th November 2015
1-2-3 Stableford
1st Ali Marsh, Trisha Clarke, Gina Redman 48pts
2nd Marian Tose, Carole Hort, Jean Halliday 47pts
3rd Sarah Thomas, Mo Wood, Mo Norrish 37pts


12th November 2015
1st Jenni Bee 31pts
2nd Gina Redman 30pts
3rd Sarah Thomas 29pts


5th November 2015
Texas Scramble
1st Ali Marsh, Linda Trunkfield & Heather Petty 35.1 
2nd Mo Norrish, Mo Wood & Marian Tose 37.4
3rd Annie Ward, Lesley Turpin & Pat Harker  37.5 bb9


29th October 2015
 Fradgely Bowls
1st Sarah Thomas, Ali Marsh 76 
2nd Heather Petty, Lesley Turpin 84
3rd Tina Bindon, Jenni Bee 85


22nd October 2015
 3-2-1 Stableford
1st Marian Tose, Mo Wood, Mo Norrish 68pts 
2nd Ali Marsh, Sarah Thomas, Lesley Turpin 60pts
3rd Tina Bindon, Pat Harker, Kay Foster 55pts


15th October 2015
1st Gina Redman 31pts 
2nd Linda Trunkfield 29pts bb9
3rd Jean Halliday 29pts 


7th October 2015
American Greensomes Stableford
1st Lesley Turpin & Pat Harker 30pts bb6
2nd Marian Tose & Mo Norrish 30pts bb9
3rd Jean Dyer & Marlene Dyment 30pts 


1st October 2015
1st Ali Marsh 34pts
2nd Lesley Turpin 32pts bb9
3rd Gina Redman 32pts bb9


24th September 2015
Par Challenge - Bogey Trophy
1st Sarah Thomas -2
2nd Annie Ward -8
3rd Mo Norrish -11 bb9


24th September 2015
Par Challenge Round 2
1st Sarah Thomas -2
2nd Heather Petty -3
3rd Mo Norrish -4


17th September 2015
Par Challenge Round 1
1st Sarah Thomas 0 bb9
2nd Annie Ward 0
3rd Carole Hort -4


10th September 2015
Anstey Trophy
1st Carole Hort 32pts
2nd Mo Norrish 29pts
3rd Marlene Dyment 19pts


10th September 2015
Braddell Trophy
1st Anne Ward  36pts bb9
2nd Marian Tose 36pts
3rd Gina Redman  25pts


27th August 2015
Daily Mail Foursomes
1st Anne Ward & Pat Harker 30pts
2nd Linda Trunkfield & Tina Bindon 27pts
3rd Gina Redman & Kaz Sampson 26pts


Creasy Salver 
1st Alison Marsh 162
2nd Mo Wood 165
3rd Marian Tose 165


20th August 2015
Creasy Salver RD II
1st Anne Ward 74
2nd Mo Wood 78
3rd Marian Tose 79


13th August 2015
Knowles Cup
1st Gina Redman 39pts
2nd Tina Bindon 32pts bb9
3rd Alison Marsh 32pts


6th August 2015
Ladies' Captains' Day Better Ball Stableford
1st Heather Petty, Mo Wood, Tricia Clarke 82pts bb9
2nd Linda Trunkfield, Ali Marsh, Jill Diprose 82pts bb9
3rd Mo Norrish, Gina Redman, Jean Halliday 82pts


23rd & 29th July 2015
Hamilton Hunter Eclectic
1st Annie Ward 72
2nd Kaz Sampson 79
3rd Linda Trunkfield 83


16th July 2015
Crocus Qualifier Better Ball Stableford 3/4 Handicap
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1st Ali Marsh, Sarah Thomas 34pts
q es el viagra Bronze    
1st Heather Petty, Lesley Turpin 42pts
2nd Gina Redman, Tina Bindon 33pts bb9
3rd Jean Halliday, Mo Norrish 33pts


9th July 2015
Morton Flag
1st Heather Petty 18th Green
2nd Annie Ward 18th Fairway
3rd Kaz Sampson 18th Fairway


2nd July 2015
Express & Echo Foursomes Qualifying Stableford
1st Tina Bindon, Linda Trunkfield 36pts 
2nd Gina Redman, Kaz Sampson 24pts
3rd Annie Ward, Pat Harker 20pts


25th June 2015
Ladies Invitation - Greensomes Stableford
1st Ali Marsh, Sara Bottemly 36pts bb9
2nd Pat Harker, Sue Broderick 36pts
3rd Trisha Clarke, Lorraine Gorman 35pts viagra pde6 Longest Drive Julie Brown (Woodbury)  
can buy viagra boots Nearest the Pin Lorraine Gorman (Teignmouth)  


18th June 2015
Centenary Trophy - Par Competition
1st Sarah Thomas 3
2nd Heather Petty -3 bb9
3rd Frances Lewes-Palmer -3


12th June 2015
Club Championships Scratch
1st Karen Sampson 194
2nd Ann Ward 196
3rd Gina Redman 200
  how to get viagra out of your system Club Championships Nett  
1st Heather Petty 157
2nd Gina Redman 158
3rd Frances Lewes Palmer 161


12th June 2015
Club Championships RD II
1st Heather Petty 80
2nd Karen Sampson 83
3rd Gina Redman 84


11th June 2015
Club Championships RD I
1st Gina Redman 74 bb9
2nd Mo Wood 74
3rd Anne Ward 75 bb9


4th June 2015
Individual Stableford
1st Lesley Turpin 33pts
2nd Jean Halliday 31pts
3rd Alison Marsh 30pts


28th May 2015
Chenery Salver - Par Competition
1st Mo Wood 0
2nd Gina Redman -1 bb9
3rd Lesley Turpin -1


30th April 2015
Individual Medal
1st Pat Harker 74 bb9
2nd Annie Ward 74
3rd Gina Redman 77


23rd April 2015
1st Mo Norrish 36pts
2nd Jill Diprose 35pts
3rd Carole Hort 33pts bb9


17th April 2015
Killard Leavy
1st Marian Tose & Mo Norrish 36pts 
2nd Ali Marsh, Annie Ward 33pts
3rd Mo Wood,Carole Hort 28pts buy 200 mg cialis Australian Spoons  
1st Marian Tose & Mo Norrish 36pts
2nd Tina Bindon & Frances L-P 30pts
3rd Heather Petty & Lesley Turpin  29pts


9th April 2015
American Greensomes
1st Karen Sampson, Gina Redman 40pts bb6
2nd Ali Marsh, Lesley Turpin 40pts
3rd Mo Wood, Pat Harker 37pts


2nd April 2015
3-2-1 Stableford
1st Karen Sampson, Pat Harker, Sarah Thomas 77
2nd Ali Marsh, Jean Halliday, Joy Tothill 72
3rd Tina Bindon, Frances Lewes-Palmer, Tricia Clarke 67


26th March 2015
Creasy RD I/Spring Medal
1st Ali Marsh 81
2nd Sarah Thomas 83
3rd Marian Tose 85


19th March 2015
1st Ali Marsh 36ptsbb9
2nd Mo Wood 36pts
3rd Sarah Thomas 32pts


12th March 2015
Coronation Foursomes
1st Kaz Sampson,Lesley Turpin 32pts
2nd Jean Halliday, Tina Bindon 31pts bb9
3rd Marian Tose, Mo Norrish 31pts


5th March 2015
Texas Scramble
1st Kaz Sampson, Annie Ward, Marian Tose 68.6
2nd Heather Petty, Lesley Turpin, Pat Harker 70.7
3rd Ali Marsh, Sarah Thomas, Gina Redman 71.9


26th February 2015 - Captain v. Secretary Drawn Match Play
The first team match of the new season saw new Ladies' Captain, Annie Ward, leading her team to a narrow victory, 5 to 4, over the team of Ladies' Secretary, Frances Lewes-Palmer. The conditions were difficult; wet and windy!


19th February 2015
Par Competition
1st Gina Redman +1
2nd Annie Ward -1
3rd Pat Harker -1


12th February 2015
Individual Stableford
1st Bridget Leonard 35pts bb9
2nd Kaz Sampson, Gina Redman 35pts bb9
3rd Annie Ward, Lesley Turpin 35pts


5th February 2015
Greensomes Stableford
1st Mo Wood, Tina Bindon 41pts bb9
2nd Kaz Sampson, Gina Redman 41pts
3rd Annie Ward, Lesley Turpin 39pts


29th January 2015
4 Clubs and a Putter
1st Heather Petty 30pts bb9
2nd Kaz Sampson 30pts
3rd Gina Redman 29pts


22nd January 2015
American Greensomes
1st Bridget Leonard, Sylvia Coyle 45
2nd Kay Foster, Jill Diprose 42 bb9
3rd Gina Redman, Frances Lewes-Plamer 42


15th January 2015
 10 Hole Stableford
1st Heather Petty 18
2nd Karen Sampson 18
3rd Sarah Thomas 17


19th December 2014

 Par Competition

1st Gina Redman +1
2nd Pat Harker -3 bb9
3rd Lesley Turpin -3


4th December 2014

 Texas Scramble

1st Gina Redman, Kaz Sampson, Frances Lewes-Palmer 55 pts 
2nd Jean Halliday, Ali Marsh, Tina Bindon 52 pts
3rd Kay Foster, Sylvia Coyle, Jill Diprose 51 pts


27th November 2014

 Yellow square

1st Gina Redman, Mo Wood, Carole Hort 104 pts 
2nd Jean Halliday, Frances Lewes Palmer 96 pts
3rd Heather Petty, Lesley Turpin, Pat Harker 92 pts





6th November 2014

10 Hole Stableford

1st Jill Diprose 18 pts bb9
2nd Karen Sampson 18 pts
3rd Ann Ward 17 pts


30th October

Creasy Salver 

1st Lesley Turpin 162
2nd Marian Tose 167
3rd Alison Marsh 172


30th October

Autumn Medal/Creasy Salver RD II

1st Lesley Turpin 79
2nd Heather Petty 85 bb9
3rd Alison Marsh 85


23rd October

10 Hole Stableford

1st Karen Sampson 21 pts
2nd Ann Ward 19 pts 
3rd Tina Bindon 18 pts


16th October

Fradgley Bowls

1st Mo Wood, Heather Petty 75.5 pts
2nd Ali Marsh, Sarah Thomas 80 pts 
3rd Lesley Turpin, Pat Harker 82.5 pts


9th  October

American Greensomes

1st Frances Lewes Palmer, Jean Halliday 27 pts
2nd Mo Norrsh, Lesley Turpin 21 pts 
3rd Tina Bindon, Heather Petty 20 pts


3rd October


1st Lesley Turpin 42 pts
2nd Ann Ward 34 pts 
3rd Mo Norrish 30 pts


25th September

Par Challenge

1st Ann Ward 1
2nd Pat Harker 0 bb9
3rd Heather Petty 0


11th September

Anstey Cup 

1st Mo Norrish 32 pts
2nd Jill Diprose 27 pts 
3rd Pam Stanaway 22 pts


11th September

Braddell Cup

1st Annie Ward 34 pts
2nd Gina Redman 33 pts bb9
3rd Ali Marsh  33 pts


28th August 2014

Daily Mail Foursomes

1st Gina Redman & Pam Stanaway 28 points
2nd Carole Hort & Mo Wood 23 points bb9
3rd Ali Marsh & Sarah Thomas 23 points


21st August 2014

Knowles Cup Stableford

1st Karren Burge 39 points
2nd Jo Stokes 37 points bb9
3rd Tina Bindon 37 points


14th August 2014

Ladies' Captain's Day Texas Scramble Stableford

1st Gina Redman, Marlene Dyment, Carole Hort 35 points
2nd Heather Petty, Pam Stanaway, Jill Diprose 33 points bb6
3rd Annie Ward, Joy Tothill, Marian Tose 33 points

The Ladies had a lovely day even though we had to cut it to a 10 hole competition because of the inclement weather. Congratulations to the prize winners. Nearest the Pin on the 5th was Jean Halliday and the Longest Drive on the 10th was won by Gina Redman. The competition was followed by a buffet lunch. The wind proved a challenge to the Lady Captain and her assistants in putting the drinks gazebo on the 10th and Carole Hort's umbrella was last seen floating upside down towards Topsham!


7th August 2014

Monthly Stableford

1st Heather Petty 35 points
2nd Pat Harker 33 points
3rd Ann Ward 29 points


31st July 2014

Crocus Qualifier (BB off 3/4 handicap Silver & Bronze Divisions)

Silver Division    
1st Ann Ward & Karen Sampson 37 points
2nd Alison Marsh & Sarah Thomas 36 points
Bronze Division    
1st Carole Hort & Mo Wood 37 points
2nd Marian Tose & Mo Norrish 35 points
3rd Gina Redman & Tina Bindon 34 points


17th & 24th July 2014

Hamilton Hunter (Two round eclectic off 1/2 handicap)

1st Ann Ward net 75
2nd Jo Stokes net 77
3rd Karen Sampson net 79


10th & 11th July 2014

Club Championship - Plate
(Aggregate of best 2 gross scores from 2 rounds using first round handicaps)

1st Sarah Thomas 103 + 91 = 194
2nd Ann Ward 94 + 102 = 196
3rd Karren Burge 106 + 97 = 203


10th & 11th July 2014

Club Championship - Medal Challenge Trophy
(Aggregate of best 2 nett scores from 2 rounds using first round handicaps)

1st Sarah Thomas 81+ 69 = 150
2nd Lesley Turpin 81 + 77 = 158
3rd Ann Ward 77 + 85 = 162



Express & Echo Foursomes Qualifier

  Gina Redman & Pam Stanaway and Pat Harker & Karen Sampson go forward to represent the Warren at the finals at Fingle Glen on Friday 5th September - Good luck!


12th June 2014


1st Carole Hort 34 points
2nd Lesley Turpin 33 points
3rd Heather Petty 31 points
4th Ann Ward 31 points


5th June 2014
Ladies' Open
1st Members Team Annie Ward, Karen Sampson & Lesley Turpin (Warren) 75 points
2nd and 1st Visitors N. Curtis, G. Cann & E. Munday (Teignmout & Torquay) 73 points
3rd Pat Harker, Yvette Harker & Heather Petty (Warren) 72 points
4th Alison Marsh, Sarah Bottomley & J. White (Warren, Up Avon & Torquay) 69 points
5th Jean Halliday, Frances Lewes-Palmer & Tina Bindon (Warren) 66 points
Nearest the Pin (5th) S. Widdowson (Teignmouth)  
Longest Drive (17th) N. Forsyth (Stover)  


May 22nd 2014

Morton Flag & Cup

1st Sarah Thomas On the 18th green
2nd Frances Lewes-Palmer Right-hand side of 17th fairway, in front of pond
3rd Carole Hort On 17th fairway, approx 150 yards from tee


May 15th 2014

Yellow Square

1st Heather Petty, Leslie Turpin & Frances Lewes-Palmer 117 points
2nd Annie Ward, Pat Harker & Beryl Harrison 94 points
3rd Mo Wood, Mo Norrish & Pam Stanaway 87 points74


May 1st and May 8th 2014

Both the 1st and 8th May saw bad weather leading to a postponement of scheduled competitions and just a few hardy people going out for 10 holes of wind and rain for fun ?!?


April 24th 2014

Mayer Cup (Medal)

1st Pat Harker Nett 71
2nd Heather Petty Nett 72
3rd Leslie Turpin Nett 74
Congratulations also go to Gina Redman for a 2 on the 13th and Heather Petty for a 2 on the 16th


April 17th 2014

Killard Leavy (Devon County Vets Qualifier)

1st Alison Marsh & Annie Ward (Qualifiers) 34 pts
2nd Pat Harker & Jill Diprose 31 pts
3rd Mo Norrish & Pam Stanaway 25 pts


April 17th 2014

Australian Spoons

1st Heather Petty & Lesley Turpin 36 pts
2nd Pat Harker & Jill Diprose 31 pts
3rd Gina Redman & Marian Tose 25 pts
Note: The Australian Spoons competition is a national stableford foursomes tournament for women with handicaps of 15 and over. Clubs play at least one qualifying competition for their members, but competitors can enter as many times as they like and play with different partners at club level. Therefore this result is not final.


April 10th 2014


1st Pat Harker 34pts
2nd Sarah Thomas 33pts
3rd Alison Marsh 31pts


March 27th 2014

Texas Scramble

1st Jean Halliday, Gina Redman & Pat Harker 70.7
2nd Leslie Turpin, Jean Dyer & Sarah Thomas 71.6
With intermittent heavy rain showers turning to sleet from time to time, this was not quite the fun competition it should have been.


February 27th 2014 -  Ladies' Captain v Ladies' Vice Captain.

 This matchplay competition was a draw.


February 20th 2014 - Ladies' Mail on Sunday:

The Warren Ladies managed to play their postponed match at the Warren this week. They were narrowly beaten by a very strong team from Stover who won 3 - 2 with the last putt on teh 18th hole of the match.


January 30th 2014

4 Clubs and a putter

1st Lesley Turpin 35
2nd Heather Petty 34
3rd  Gina Redman 32


January 23rd 2014

American Greensomes

1st Alison Marsh and Sarah Thomas 36 (BB9)
2nd Jean Dyer and Marlene Dyment 36


21st November 2013 Ten Hole Stableford (Ladies' AGM Day)  
1st Gina Redman 19
2nd Alison Marsh 16
3rd Marlene Dyment 16 (on count back)


14th November 2013 Drawn Match Play                                                   


7th November 2013 Creasy Salver (two round medal)
1st Gina Redman 83 + 70 = 153
2nd Heather Petty 83 + 71 = 154
3rd Jean Dyer 79 + 76 = 155


4th November 2013 Estuary Couple Singles Final
Winner Gina Redman
Runner Up Marian Tose


31st October 2013 American Geensomes  
1st Gina Redman & Frances Lewes-Palmer 37pts
2nd Mo Wood & Mo Norrish 36pts
3rd Jean Halliday & Marlene Dyment 31pts (on count back)


24th October 2013 Ladies Golf Finals
  Foursomes Knock-out President's Bowl (off Scratch)
Winners Mo Norrish & Marian Tose Annie Ward
Runners Up Jean Halliday & Frances Lewes-Palmer Sarah Thomas

Note: The Final of the Estuary Cup will be played on Monday 4th November between Marian Tose and Gina Redman


17 October 2013 Fradgley Bowls (Greensome Medal)  
1st Mo Norrish & Mo Wood 79.5
2nd Sarah Thomas & Frances Lewes-Palmer 81
3rd Joy Tothil & Alison Marsh 85


10 October 2013 Monthly Stableford      
  Division 1   Division 2  
1st Pat Harker 34 Mo Norrish 27
2nd Lesley Turpin 29 Pam Stanaway 26
3rd Mo Wood 28 Joy Tothill 24 (bb9)


20 and 26 September 2013 Par Challenge  
1st Mo Norrish +6
2nd Sarah Thomas +5
3rd Pam Stanaway             +4


12 September 2013 Lady Captain's Day
1st Beryl Harrison, Annie Ward & Carole Hort
2nd Gina Redman, Jean Dyer & Mo Norrish
3rd Marlene Dyment, Marian Tose & Pat Harker


29 August 2013 Braddell Trophy   Anstey Cup  
1st Annie Ward 38 Jean Halliday 30
2nd Gina Redman 33 (bb9) Mo Norrish 28
3rd Mo Wood 33 Pam Stannaway 24


22 August 2013 Daily Mail Foursomes
1st Annie Ward / Pat Harker 38
2nd Karen Burge / Sarah Thomas 32 (bb9)
3rd Pam Stanaway / Jean Halliday 32


15 August 2013 Knowles Cup  
1st  Pat Harker 39
2nd Annie Ward 37
3rd Lesley Turpin 32


9 August 2013
August Stableford & Stableford Final
  Div 1   Div 2
 1st Sarah Thomas 34 Pam Stanaway 39
 2nd Annie Ward 32    
Stableford Final Winner: Sarah Thomas


1 August 2013
August Medal
    Gross Net
 1st Heather Petty 92  67
 2nd Jean Dyer 89  72
 3rd Sarah Thomas 97  74


13 July 2013
Crocus Qualifier
  Silver Division   Bronze Division  
1st Karren Burge/Jean Dyer 36 pts Mo Wood/Carole Hort 36pt 36 pts
2nd Alison Marsh/Ann Ward 31 pts Jean Halliday/Jill Diprose 35 pts
Notes: Warren Crocus Final will be held on 19th September      


11 & 18 July 2013
Hamilton Hunter 2 Rounds (1/2 handicap)
Gross Net
1st Annie Ward 81 70
2nd Heather Petty 87 74.5
3rd Pat Harker 91 78.5
Birdies: Joy Tothill on 5th, Gina Redman on 10th and Frances Lewes-Palmer on 14th.


4 July 2013
Ladies July Medal
1st Lesley Turpin 70
2nd Sarah Thomas 78
3rd Annie Ward 79