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16th November 2017
123 Stableford Waltz
The ladies played a fun 'Putt for Points' competition where only the putts on the green were counted with the lowest number counted over 18 holes winning. Mo Norrish won with two zero putts, so that's in off the pin twice!
1st Mo Norrish  28 putts
2nd Maz Stanford  29 putts
3rd Teresa Barrett  30 putts

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9th November 2017
123 Stableford Waltz
1st Jenni Bee, Marian Tose & Gina Redman  73 points
2nd Alison Marsh, Mo Norrish & Frances Lewes-Palmer  72 points
3rd Teresa Barrett, Mo Wood & Jean Halliday  70 points  

2nd November 2017
Better Ball Stableford
1st Mo Wood, Jan Varvel & Jill Diprose  40 points
2nd Adi Hough-Bekker, Sarah Thomas & Jenni Bee  39 points bb9
3rd Anne Norman & Nicola Davies  39 points

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26th October 2017
Individual Stableford
1st Mo Wood  33 points
2nd Adi Hough-Bekker  32 points
3rd Linda Trunkfield  31 points bb9  

19th October 2017
10 Hole Stableford
1st Adi Hough-Bekker  20 points cb
2nd Frances Lewes-Palmer  20 points
3rd Maz Stanford  19 points

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12th October 2017
Creasy Salver - Medal
The Ladies' Creasy Salver is won each year by the player with the best combined nett score from the first medal of the year and the last medal of the year.
1st Alison Marsh  79 + 75 = 154
2nd Gina Redman  76 + 82 = 158
3rd Jan Varvel  84 + 84 = 168

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12th October 2017
Ladies' Medal & Creasy Salver 2
1st Adi Hough-Bekker  67
2nd Frances Lewes-Palmer  73
3rd Alison Marsh  75

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5th October 2017
Ladies' Foursomes
1st Adi Hough-Bekker & Jenni Bee  29 points cb
2nd Frances Lewes-Palmer & Kaz Sampson  29 points cb
3rd Lesley Trupin & Mo Wood  29 points


28th September 2017
Ladies' American Greensomes
1st Alison Marsh & June Cassidy  37 points
2nd Jan Varvel & Jean Halliday  35 points cb
3rd Heather Petty & Lesley Turpin  35 points  

21st September 2017
Fradgley Bowls Cup - Foursomes Medal
1st Kaz Sampson & Adi Hough-Bekker  74
2nd Alison Marsh & Sarah Thomas  79 cb
3rd Frances Lewes-Palmer & Carole Hort  79

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14th September 2017
Mayer Cup - Individual Stableford
1st Sarah Thomas  30 points
2nd Kaz Sampson  29 points
3rd Tina Bindon  28 points
7th September 2017  Ladies' Autumn Open - please see Opens Results
4th September 2017
Ladies' Catain's Away Day at Stover GC
1st Sarah Thomas, Nicola Davies & Frances Lewes-Palmer  
2nd Linda Trunkfield, Lesley Turpin & Tricia Clarke  
3rd Mo Norrish, Carole Hort & Heather Petty  
  Jan Varvel, Jill Diprose & Mo Wood  

Nearest pin in 2 was Jill Diprose.


24th & 31st August 2017
Hamilton Hunter Trophy - two round eclectic medal
1st Jan Varvel  70 nett
2nd Alison Marsh  77 nett
3rd Kaz Sampson  79 nett


17th August 2017
Braddel Trophy - Individual stableford for handicaps of 25 and under
1st Sarah Thomas 34 points
2nd Mo Wood 30 points cb
3rd Kaz Sampson 30 points


17th August 2017
Anstey Trophy - Individual stableford for handicaps of 26 and over
1st Jenni Bee 33 points
2nd Jean Halliday 31 points
3rd Tricia Clarke 30 points


10th August 2017
Morton Flag
1st Linda Trunkfield 2nd shot down the 19th
2nd Heather Petty Left edge of 18th green
3rd Sarah Thomas On the 18th fairway

paper writing service jobs Note: The Morton Flag is an annual competition in which each lady adds her handicap to standard scratch for the ladies' card to get her allowed number of shots. The course is then played as a medal and each lady keeps playing untill she runs out of shots. The lady who gets furthest with her allowed shots is the winner.


3rd August 2017
Ladies' Captain's Day - Fun individual stableford with one kick, one throw, one free putt and a joker hole
1st  Jan Varvel  42 points
2nd  Frances Lewes-Palmer  41 points
3rd  Gina Redman  39 points
4th  Linda Trunkfield  38 points
5th  Carole Hort  34 points cb
10 Hole Winner  Beryl Harrison  
Nearest the pin 5th  Lesley Turpin 31st July Annual Ladies v. Vets - see Club Results


27th July 2017
Individual Stableford - Qualifier
1st Gina Redman  34 points
2nd Jean Hallliday  32 points
3rd Marian Tose  31 points cb


20th July 2017
125 years Celebratory Mixed (Ladies & Vets) Special Event,
a drawn pairs Texas scramble (medal, 3 drives each, 10% combined handicap)
1st Marlene Dyment & Roy Gibson  72.0
2nd Marian Tose & Tony Andrews  73.4
3rd Tricia Clarke & Brian Riordan  73.9
4th Mo Wood & Dave Cann  75.5


13th July 2017
Warren Crocus Qualifier
1st Jean Dyer & Sarah Thomas (Silver Qualifiers)  38 points
2nd Kaz Sampson & Jan Varvel  36 points
3rd Frances Lewes-Palmer & Alison Marsh (Bronze Qualifiers)  35 points


6th July 2017
125 Years Celebration Betterball
1st Alison Marsh & Frances Lewes-Palmer  40 points
2nd Gina Redman & Kaz Sampson  39 points (cb)
3rd Sarah Thomas & Mo Wood  39 points


29th June 2017
Texas Scramble
1st Mo Wood, Jan Varvel & June Cassidy  74.3
2nd Marian Tose, Alison Marsh & Jean Dyer  74.7
3rd Gina Redman, Jean Halliday & Mo Norrish  75.2


22nd June 2017
Charity & Invitation Day
(Individual stableford with double points on par 3s, full handicap)
1st Sara Bottemly - Upavon  53 points
2nd Jane Williams - East Devon  46 points
3rd Jean Halliday  45 points
4th Gina Redman  44 points
5th Alison Marsh  43 points
Nearest the pin on 5th Marlene Dyment  
Best front 9 Jean Dyer  
2's Sara Bottemly on the 16th  

See also the news story on this event.


16th June 2017
Club Championship - Scratch
(aggregate of best 2 gross scores from 2 rounds using first round handicaps)
1st Kaz Sampson 97 + 94 = 191
2nd Gina Redman 96 + 95 = 191
3rd Jan Varvel 94 + 102 = 196

The following players will play in the Presidents Knockout: Kaz Sampson, Gina Redman, Jan Varvel, Heather Petty, Jean Dyer, Sarah Thomas, Jean Halliday, Alison Marsh.


16th June 2017
Club Championship - Nett
(aggregate of best 2 Nett scores from 2 rounds using first round handicaps)
1st Jean Halliday 76 + 73 = 149
2nd Heather Petty 75 + 74 =149
3rd Gina Redman 77 + 76 = 153


15th June 2017
Club Championship - Round 1
1st Jean Dyer Gross 90, Nett 71
2nd Heather Petty Gross 99, Nett 75
3rd Jean Halliday Gross 105, Nett 76


25th May 2017
Express & Echo Foursomes
1st Jenni Bee & Teressa Barrett 31 points
2nd Mo Wood & Heather Petty 29 points
3rd Sarah Thomas & Ali Marsh 27 points


18th May 2017
Canadian Greensome
1st Jan Varvel & Teressa Barrett 35 points
2nd Carole Hort & Jan Wright 32 points
3rd Jean Dyer & Marlene Dyment 31 points


11th May 2017
Chenery Salver (Par Competition)
1st Gina Redman  - 2
2nd Mo Wood  - 7
3rd Sarah Thomas  - 7


thesis statement kite runner redemption 4th May - Ladies' Spring Open - see Open Results


27th April 2017
Anzac Yellow Square
1st Alison Marsh, Mo Norrish & Jan Wright 131 points
2nd Jan Varvel, Jill Diprose & Mo Wood 125 points
3rd Linda Trunkfield, Jean Dyer & Joy Tothill 124 points


20th April 2017
Knowles Cup
1st Mo Wood 37 after count back
2nd Heather Petty 37
3rd Sarah Thomas 36


13th April 2017
Easter Scramble
1st Gina Redman, Jan Wright & Marlene Dyment 72.1
2nd Jean Dyer , Mo Wood & Jill Diprose 72.5
3rd Heather Petty, Lesley Turpin & Teressa Barrett 75.5


6th April 2017
Killard Levey
1st Kaz Sampson & Jan Varvel (qualifiers for County competition) 33 points
2nd Gina Redman & Alison Marsh 26 points
3rd Heather Petty & Lesley Turpin 21 points


6th April 2017
Aussie Spoons
1st Jenni Bee & Teressa Barrett (Club reps for regional final) 34 points
2nd Kaz Sampson & Jan Varvel 33 points
3rd Marian Tose & Mo Norrish 26 points


30th March 2017
Ladies Medal & Creasy Salver 1
1st Kaz Sampson  74 nett
2nd Gina Redman 76 nett
3rd Alison Marsh 79 nett


23rd March 2017
Coronation Foursomes
1st Gina Redman & Jean Halliday 29 pts
2nd Kaz Sampson & Heather Petty 28 pts
3rd Mo Wood & Jean Dyer 36 pts


16th March 2017
St Patrick's Day Spring Stableford
1st Linda Trunkfield 38 pts bb6
2nd Jean Dyer 38 pts
3rd Gina Redman 35 pts


16th February 2017
Valentines Greensomes
1st Jill Diprose & Kaz Sampson 36 pts 
2nd Mo Norrish & Jan Varvel 35 pts
3rd Jean Halliday & Jan Wright 32 pts bb9


9th February 2017
see Medal    
1st Kay Foster  31
2nd Sarah Thomas  35
3rd Annie Norman  36
source Stableford    
1st Sarah Thomas  20 points
2nd Kaz Sampson  19 points bb6
3rd Jill Diprose  19 points