english language level coursework commentary Here you will find results for recent Warren Opens.

23rd April 2017
Challenge Cup Mixed Open - Greensomes Stableford
1st A.Marsh & S.Carr 46pts
2nd J.Halliday & T.Andrews 41pts
3rd T.Downer & T.Jones 39pts
4th  S.Mason & P.Jordan 38pts bb9

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25th March 2017
1892 Texas Scramble
1st Marshfield, Marshfield & Marshfield 51.8
2nd Coleman, Sclater & Poultney 53.4 bb9
3rd Stamenkovic, Commins & Crocker 53.4
4th  Benham , S.Henley & Cook 53.8 bb9
5th Skidmore, Reid & Mann 53.8

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10th March 2017
1892 Betterball Stableford
1st Skidmore/Reid 46pts
2nd Eaton/Baker 44pts bb9
3rd Commins/Henley 44pts bb6
4th  Harwood/Andrews 44pts

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1st September 2016
Ladies' September Open (Texas Scramble)
1st N. Davies (Warren), R. Pickard (China Fleet), A. Green (Stover) 63.6
2nd J. Williams (East Devon), L. Nichols (East Devon), S. Harrison-Jones (east Devon) 65.0
3rd J. Bee (Warren), A. Norman (Exeter), A. Hough-Bekker (Exminister) 66.2
4th K. Sampson (Warren), P. Harker (Warren), S. Broderick (Teignmouth) 66.4
Best Front 9 G. Redman (Warren), C. Clark (Exeter), J. Vlietstra (Warren)  
Best Back 9 L. Trunkfield (Warren), D. Chubb (Teignmouth), M. Crouch (teignmouth)  

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11th June 2016
Colonel Creasy Salver - 36 Hole Team Event
1st P.Fryatt, B.Sclater, E.Poultney 114
2nd R.Benham, S.Mayes, G.Roelich 119
3rd S.Rooke, R.Williams, P.Eaton 122

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5th May 2016
Ladies Spring Open
1st Jill Diprose, Jean Halliday, Carol Pye 78pts bb9
2nd Teresa Barret, Jenni Bee, Tina Bindon 78pts
3rd Sarah Thomas, Ali Marsh, Sara Bottomley 76pts
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16th April 2016
Peterkin Salver - 36 Individual Medal
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1st K.White 132
2nd S.Knapman 138
3rd A.Hitchman 141
4th  C.Kinson 142 
5th  M.Jeavon 145 
6th  D.Musgrove 147 
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1st  J.Binch 142 
2nd  M.Phillips  144 
3rd  C.Townsend 151 
4th  C.Hayter  152 
5th  J.Allum  152 
6th  B.Keith  157 
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10th April 2016
Mixed Challenge Cup - Greensomes Stableford
1st R.Consterdine & T Bindon 37pts
2nd C.Bee & J Bee 34pts
3rd I.Reynolds & S.Thomas 32pts

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 2nd April 2016
Betterball Open
1st Clemence & Bassett 61
2nd C.Passmore & G Passmore 63 bb9
3rd C.Tancock & C.Hayter 63

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12th March 2016
 March Medal Open
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1st W.Matsell 64
2nd R.Baker 67
3rd J.Parkhouse 69 bb9
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1st B.Sclater 70
2nd S.Williams 71
3rd J.Binch 74 bb9

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 2 Man Texas Scramble
1st G.Kelly & J.King 57.9
2nd M.Dove & C.Kinson 59.7
3rd C.Townsend & C.Hayter 59.8

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 11th October 2015
Men's Invitation
1st S.Taylor, J.Breading 42pts bb9

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3rd  H.McDonald, J.Heal 40pts bb9
4th S.Ebdon, B.Phillips 40pts  
5th N.Bunn, P.Slee 39pts bb9
6th N.Musgrove, D.Alsworth 39pts  
7th J.Pearce, M.Jeffery 38pts bb9
8th P.Fryatt, S.Jamison 38pts bb9
9th J.Allum, M.Williams 38pts
10th M.Crocker, D.Batup 37pts bb9
11th A.Hitchman, W.Chant 37pts bb9
12th  D.Musgrove, M.Musgrove 37pts
13th C.James, D.Old 36pts bb9
14th W.Ebdon, D.Phillips 36pts
15th  M.Heaver, M.Hawksby 35pts
16th A.Henley, D.Hill 34pts bb9 
17th A.Pearce, P.Lewis 34ptsbb9
18th M.Commins, A.Dyer 34pts 
19th  J.Williams, S.Williams 32pts
20th N.Allum, L.Cross 29pts 
21st A.Williams, L.Ebdon 27pts

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 3rd October  2015
3 Man Team Event
1st S.Williams, R.Williams, P.Eaton 83pts

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3rd  B.Sclater, E.Poultney, J.Binch 76pts
4th M.Dove, C.McGill, C.Kinson 75pts bb9
5th M.Clark, M.Robson, N.McDonald 75pts
6th S.Rew, S.Taylor, D.Heaton 74pts bb9
7th A.Henley, H.McDonald, P.Fryatt 74pts 
8th P.Kennedy, J.Allum, J.Skinner 73pts
9th D.Musgrove, N.Musgrove, P.Morris 72pts
10th S.Mayes, S.Turpin, J.Harker 71pts
11th A.Hough, N.Hobbs, J.Nickles 70pts bb9
12th  S.Howard, S.Dewes, D.Stunt 70pts
13th C.Dewes, T.Thacker, S.Harris 69pts bb9
14th D.Burridge, S.Khadaroo, S.Rooke 69pts
15th  C.James, A.Hitchman, N.Stevens 67pts
16th S.Carr, K.Heal, C.Wheeler 65pts bb9 
17th B.Bradford, A.Pearce, J.Pearce 65pts
18th S.Greenaway, G.Quinn, G.Norman 64pts bb9
19th  P.Slee, D.Tootell, B.Jeffery 64pts
20th C.Ofield, W.Chant, B.Atkins 62pts bb9
21st W.Ebdon, S.Ebdon, A.Williams 62pts
22nd J.Warren, C.Wheatcroft, R.Wilson 69pts
23rd C.Townsend, G.Roberts, J.Mullins 55pts bb9
24th N.Wilden, C.Hancock, P.Harrison 55pts
25th G.Ticehurst, G.Broome, P.Bavers 54pts
26th K.Stone, A.Bagent, B.Hazeland 52pts

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 26th September 2015
Warren Seagull - Foursomes Medal
1st   M.Dove & H.McDonald 70 bb9
2nd   R.Williams & P.Eaton 70
3rd   M.Commins & M.Crocker 71 bb9

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 3rd September 2015
Ladies Autumn Open - Texas Scramble
1st M.Fox, S.Gannon, D,More (Exeter) 69

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sda bocconi mba application essays T.Bindon, J.Bee, C.Cull (Warren & Exminster)

3rd  L.Trunkfield, N.Curtis, L.Gorman (Warren & Teignmouth) 70.5
4th G.Redman, A.Bate, R.Bourne (Warren & Exeter) 71.3
5th J.Carr, J.Davies, S.Martin (Stover) 71.8 
6th B.Turton, J.Garnett. J.Wills (Chursron) 71.9
7th K.Sampson, H.Petty, L.Turpin (Warren) 72.8 
8th A.Marsh, S.Thomas, S.Bottomly (Warren, Upavon) 73
9th A.Ward, M.Thomas, E.Ewings (Warren, Woodbury, Torquay) 73.4
10th V.Mulcrone, M.Shepherd, L.Moore (Wrangaton) 73.7
11th T.Holmes, H.Owen, A.Clayton (Churston) 73.8
12th  M.Norrish, F.Lewes-Palmer, J.Dyer (Warren) 74.3
13th J.Halliday, M.Wood, C.Hort (Warren) 74.4
14th N.Pattison, J.Valiestra, C.Clark ( Warren & Exeter) 75.4
15th  M.Carswell, J.Buxton, A.Harris (Stover) 76 
16th S.Petulengo, S.Shearman, A.Smith (Churston) 78.7 
17th T.Clarke, A.Spackman, B.Harrison ( Warren) 82
18th B.Bartlett, J.Quinn, J.Joy (East Devon) 83
19th  J.Tothill, A.Notely, A.Bennett 86

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 14th June 2015
Colonel Creasy Salver
1st A.Hough, M.Jarman, J.Nickels 121

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K.Stoneman. J.Tancock, M.Phillips

3rd  E.Poultner, N.Owen, J.Lawson 123 bb9
4th J.Winter, M.Heaver, G.Quinn 123
5th S.Williams, R.Williams, P.Eaton 125 
6th P.Fryatt, H.McDonald, W.Matsell 125
7th S.Carr, C.Wheeler, P.Morris 126 
8th N.McDonald, T.Read, M.Robson 127
9th J.Binch, B.Sclater, D.Heaton 128
  C.Kinson, M.Dove, C.McGill 128
11th S.Dewes, S.Howard, D.Stunt 129
  M.Davis, D.Musgrove, J.Harker 129 
13th W.Ebdon, L.Cassidy, B.Tucker 130
14th S.Mayes, R.Benham, A.Whittaker 131
  M.Crocker, M.Comins, Guest 131 
 16th C.James, A.Hitchman, C.Davey 132 
 17th  J.Pearce, B.Bradford, S.Wills 134 
 18th G.Ticehurst, P.Ticehurst, G.Broom 137
  P.Jepp, T.Thorne, K.Stride 137
19th M.Read, P.Warren, S.Ebdon 141
20th A.Jacobs, M.Dashwood, B.Malone 142


 12th May 2015
Vets Open - Better Ball
https://mphotonics.mit.edu/search.php?pdf=essay-in-gujarati essay in gujarati Visitors    

J.Knapman, D.Jones (Churston)

39pts bb9
 2nd  M.Hopkins, P.Baker (Churston) 39pts
 3rd A.Tilley, G.Hows (Okehampton) 38pts bb9
4th C.Champ, T.Price (Churston)  
example essay titles Warren Members    
1st I.Reynolds, T.Thorne 41pts 
2nd S.Turpin, J.Harker 39pts
3rd D.Heaton, J.Pearce 38pts bb9
4th R.Bays, T.Morgan 38pts bb9


7th May 2015
Ladies Spring Open Better Ball
 1st  H.Petty, L.Turpin, K.Sampson 80pts
 2nd  A.Marsh, S.Bottomly, J.Brown 77pts
 3rd A.Wallace, L.Bristow, B.Lyons  73pts
 4th A.Norman, S.Gannon, L.Beavers  72pts
 5th G.Redman, J.Scoble, M.Woodhouse  70pts
 6th T.Bindon, P.Harker, S.Broderick  68pts
 7th M.Norrich, M.Tose, M.Dyment  66pts
 8th M.Carter, C.Luttman, C.Pearce  64pts bb9
 9th F.Lewes-Palmer, J.Halliday, J.Diprose  64pts
 10th A.Cottis, A.Harris, J.Buxton  62pts 
 11th A.Legg, A.Seal, M.Cayless  59pts 
 12th M.Hepburn, M.Thomason, L.Bradbury  57pts 
 13th M.Dummet, P.Phillips, G.Heburn  52pts 
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18th April 2015
Peterkin Salver 36 Hole Individual Medal
1st  P.Eaton 143
2nd  P.Fryatt 144
3rd S.Williams 147 bb9 
4th J.Binch 147 bb9 
5th B.Sclater 147 
6th C.McGill 148 bb9
7th M.Dove 148 bb9
8th J.Allum 148 bb9 
9th D.Musgrove 148 bb9 
10th M.Davis 148 
11th M.Phillips 149 
12th J Thompson  152 bb9 
13th R.Williams  152 bb9  
14th P.Skdanovic 152 
15th N.Bunn 153 
16th J.Pearce 154 bb9 
17th A.Henley 154 
18th C.Binch 157 bb9 
19th N.Wilden 157 
20th W.Farley 158 bb9
21st C.Overton 159 bb9 
22nd  P.Morris 159 bb9
23rd  K.Thompson  159 bb9 
24th  M.Hurrell 159 
25th  S.Coburn 160 
26th  V.Marks 161 bb9 
27th  S.Carr 161 
28th  R.Bays 162 
29th  J.Tancock 167 
30th  J.Pope 168 
31st  J.Margeson 171 
32nd  R.Drake 174


8th March 2015
Challenge Cup - Mixed Greensomes Open
 1st  Veale & Sercombe 40pts
 2nd  Kimpton & B.Hough 35pts
 3rd C.Harker & Y.Harker 33pts bb9
4th L.Pearce & N.Pearce 33pts
5th P.Harker & J.Harker 32pts
6th A.Ward & J.Pearce 31pts bb9
7th C.Papworth & F.Parsons 31pts
8th T.Hansford & L.Hansford 30pts bb9
9th K.Sampson & B.Riordan 30pts bb9
10th S.Avens & M.France 30pts
11th S.Thomas & K.White 29pts
12th Perry & J.Bee 28pts bb9
13th L.Lacey & P.Lacey 28pts bb9
14th M.Cocks & D.Sweeney 28pts
15th A.Marsh & S.Carr 27pts bb9
16th L.Watson-Jones & H.Watson-Jones 27pts
17th V.Dance & M.Cooper 26pts bb9
18th S.Turpin & L.Turpin 26pts
19th A.Turner & L.Malone 25pts bb9
20th G.Redman & T.Thorne 25pts bb9
21st P.Cassidy & N.Duane 25pts bb9
22nd Lacey & Phillips 25pts


18 October 2014
Two Man Texas Scramble Open
 1st  C.Howard, D.Whitehurst 62.4 bb9
 2nd  H.McDonald, A.Henley 62.4
 3rd E.Poultney, N.Owen 62.8


12th October 2014
Force Charity Day
 1st  C.Kinson, M.Dove, C. McGIll, H.McDonald 86
 2nd  C.James, A.Hitchman, G.Chapman, I.Uphill 84
 3rd D.Carter, M.Phillips, J.Tancock, K.Stoneman 83


4th October 2014
Three Man Team Open
 1st  J.Court, E.Cole, J.Seargent 77
 2nd  A.Robson, T.Robson, Howard 74 bb9
 3rd M.Davis, J.Stokes, J.Harker 74


27th September 2014
Warren Seagull
 1st  S.Mayes, R.Benham 55
 2nd  N.Hobbs, A.Hough 58
 3rd M.Commins, M.Crocker 59


6th September 2014
Mike Phillips Memorial
 1st  P.Jackson, J.Rabbage, R.Sampson, M.Perryman 116
 2nd  C.Henley, C.Penhaligon, D.Chappell, G.Thorne 122
 3rd G.Ticehurst, P.Ticehurst, T.Thorne, A.Skinner 124


4th September 2014
Ladies' Open
 1st  M.Powell, T.Slow, B.Bartlett (East Devon) 61.8
 2nd  L.Darke, J.Rowe, D.Parsons (Dainton) 64.6
 3rd R.Evans, P.Wetten, H.Chapmas (Torquay) 65.8
 4th S.Gannon, S.Rimmer, D.Bent (Exeter Golf & Country Club) 65.84
 5th B.McSherry, G.Down, C.Raymond (Tavistock, Holsworthy, Exeter Golf & Country Club) 66.1
 Nearest the Pin (5th) J.Champion (Exeter Golf & Country Club)  
 Longest Drive (17th) G.Down (Holsworthy)  


5th June 2014
Ladies' Open
 1st Members Team Annie Ward, Karen Sampson & Lesley Turpin (Warren) 75 points
 2nd and 1st Visitors N. Curtis, G. Cann & E. Munday (Teignmout & Torquay) 73 points
 3rd Pat Harker, Yvette Harker & Heather Petty (Warren) 72 points
 4th Alison Marsh, Sarah Bottomley & J. White (Warren, Up Avon & Torquay) 69 points
 5th Jean Halliday, Frances Lewes-Palmer & Tina Bindon (Warren) 66 points
 Nearest the Pin (5th) S. Widdowson (Teignmouth)  
 Longest Drive (17th) N. Forsyth (Stover)  


12th April 2014
Peterkin Salver
 1st Chris McGill 70 + 69 = 139
 2nd John Stokes 66 + 76 = 142
 3rd Ryan Mapp 76 + 67 = 143
 4th Paul Skidmore 69 + 74 = 143


12th April 2014
Peterkin Salver Round 2
 1st Ryan Mapp 69 -2 = 67
 2nd Chris McGill 69 -0 = 69
 3rd Sam Dunn 69 -0 = 69


12th April 2014
Peterkin Salver Round 1
 1st John Stokes 75 -9 = 66
 2nd Nick Wilden 75 -8 = 67
 3rd Paul Skidmore 77 -8 = 69
 4th Chris McGill 70 -0 = 70