This page shows results from general Club Competitions, see side menu for Section and Open results thanksgiving essay topics 20th February 2016 thesis proposal worksheet Captains' Drive In      
1st M.Cockram, A.Smith, C.Swain 61pts
2nd M.Heaver, G.Norman, S.Greenaway


3rd T.Rooke, L.Trunkfield, R.Bloomfield 51pts 


essay on autobiography of a textbook 13th December  2015 buy vintage paper dolls Spirit of Christmas      
1st J.Tancock, M.Phillips, K.White  93pts
2nd M.Heaver, D.Roberts, H.McDonald

 85pts bb9

3rd J.Skinner, N.Bunn, J.Cossey  85pts llm dissertation proposal samples 4th July 2015 fight club essays on consumerism Captains Bowl      
1st D.Burridge  45pts
2nd J.Tancock


1st Lady T.Bindon  36pts bb9


essays for sale cheap papers 1st July 2015 bsc thesis pdf Mixed Wednesday Stableford      
1st W.Ebdon  39pts
2nd D.Hodges  38pts bb9
3rd M.Dove  38pts 


lab report materials 24th June 2015 bad essay Mixed Wednesday Stableford      
1st  P.Fryatt  40pts
2nd  S.Williams  38pts bb9
3rd  B.Sclater  38pts bb9


cultural differences essay 17th June 2015 research essay outline maker Mixed Wednesday Stableford      
1st  B.Sclater  42pts
2nd  J.Allum  41pts
3rd  D.Heaton  40pts bb9


thesis sample all chapters 3rd June 2015 essay on why cannabis should not be legalized Mixed Wednesday Stableford      
1st  J.Pennington  40pts
2nd  N.Prior  39pts
3rd  J.Allum  38pts


essay vocabulary 23rd May 2015 titanic essay outline Captain's Day - Play The Course Backwards Better Ball      
1st K.Sampson, B.Riordan  44pts bb9
2nd C.Kinson, M.Dove   44pts
3rd S.Carr, P.Morris  43pts


thesis development studies 13th May 2015 barbara ehrenreich cultural baggage thesis Mixed Wednesday Stableford      
1st  A.Hitchman  41pts
2nd  B.Bindon  39pts bb9
3rd  P.Slee  39pts


pay to write papers pay to write paper 20th December 2014 critical lens essay Turkey Trot      
1st P.Fryatt, H.McDonald 38
2nd M.Phillips, J.Tancock 37 bb9
3rd S.Mayes, R.Benham 37 does a compare and contrast essay need a thesis 14th December 2014 elizabeth george online essays faq series Spirit Of Christmas      
1st C.James, A.Hitchman, G.Chapman 48
2nd D.Ware, M.Heaver, J.Winter 46 bb9
3rd B.Bindon, T.Bindon, R.Consterdine 46


new york burning essay 10th August 2014 compare and contrast essay outlines Jubilee Cup.
1st Carl Kinson, Marcus Dove, Chris McGill 60     
2nd Paul Fryatt, Chris Davey, Heath McDonald 62.6
3rd Mike Phillips, Adrian Jacobs, Kim Stoneman 62.9
4th Wayne Stamenkovic, Mark Commins, Mark Crocker 63.4 gatsby essays green light 9th August 2014 tammy bui research paper Saturday Stableford            
1st Paul Fryatt 39
2nd Paul Eaton 34
3rd Samuel Williams  34


essay appraisal method example 6th August 2014 good thesis statement on healthy eating Wednesday Stableford        
1st John Pearce 38
2nd Barry Bindon 38
3rd Darren Burridge 38 mba thesis renewable energy 30th July 2014  buy essay online Wednesday Stableford     
1st Chris James 36 
2nd Phil Pearson 36
3rd Darren Burridge 35


thesis defence outline 27th July 2014  write my research paper free Sunday Stableford            
1st George Thorne 42
2nd Adrian Jacobs 35 
3rd Chris Henley 35
4th Alec Williams 34 thesis notes format 23rd July 2014         msc finance investments thesis dynamic asset allocation Wednesday Stableford                                  
1st Richard Cousins         38  
2nd Phil Pearson 38
3rd James Allum 37 why engineering essay 16th July 2014 mla format essay examples Wednesday Stableford             
1st James Allum 43   
2nd Chris Davey 38
3rd Richard Cousins 36 college biology research paper rubric 13th July 2014 essaywhuman the roots lyrics Kerswell Cup                     
1st Rich Williams 72
2nd Robert Baker 72
3rd Andrew Webb 89


essay about self image 9th July 2014   doctoral dissertations library history Wednesday Stableford     
1st Richard Consterdine 36
2nd Keith Brimson 35
3rd Marcus Dove 34


5th July 2014 Centenary Cup             
1st Chris Henley 81
2nd Neil Allum 80
3rd James Allum 73
4th Mike Phillips 73


2nd July 2014    Wednesday Stableford      
1st Mike Davis 42
2nd Dave Hodges 41
3rd Richard Consterdine 37


29th June 2014 Sunday Stableford             
1st David Roberts  35
2nd James Allum  35


28th June 2014    Club Championship                
1st Samuel Williams  
2nd Rich Williams  
3rd Chris McGill  


25th June 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Paul Fryat  39
2nd Nick Bunn  36
3rd James Allum  36


18th June 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Chris Henley  40
2nd Samuel Williams  38
3rd Richard Cousins  37


11th June 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Pete Morris  41
2nd Simon Wills  38
3rd L Brooks  38


8th June 2014
Millenium Cup
1st Chris Mcgill  67 - 0 = 67
2nd Andrew Webb  88 - 18 = 70
3rd Simon Rooke  84 - 14 = 70


6th June 2014
Roll up Stableford
1st Heath McDonald  35
2nd Mr Simon Rooke  32
3rd Neil Davey  31


31st May 2014
Saturday Stableford
1st Mr P.Griffin  38
2nd Paul Skidmore  32
3rd Paul Jacobs  31


28th May 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st L.Brooks  37
2nd Mr Simon Rooke  35
3rd Chris Henley  35


26th May 2014
Bank Holiday Stableford
1st Mr David Roberts  38
2nd Paul Fryat  36
3rd Nick Bunn  35


21st May 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Mr A Henley  39
2nd Nick Bunn  38
3rd R T Williams  38


17th May 2014
Saturday Stableford
1st Robert Baker  39
2nd P Eaton  37
3rd R T Williams  37


14th May 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Kris Davis  38
2nd P Eaton  37
3rd Marc Davis  36


11th may 2014
May Cup / RNLI
1st Richard Bays  83 - 12 = 71
2nd Heath McDonald  81 - 9 = 72
3rd Mr P Eaton  81 - 8 = 73
4th Chris McGill  74 - 0 = 74  Lowest Gross


5th May 2014
Monday Stableford
1st Chris Henley  36
2nd John Pearce  35
3rd Curtis Penaligon  34


30th April 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Neil Allum  40
2nd Christopher Williams-Camp  39
3rd Roger Folley  39


23rd April 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Mike Philips  39
2nd Wayne Ebdon  37
3rd Tony Saunders  36


19th April 2014
Presidents Cup
1st Paul Ticehurst 87 -21 = 66
2nd Greg Ticehurst 79 -12 =67
3rd Andrew Hitchman 79 -11 =68
4th Marcus Dove 73 -4 =69


18th April 2014
Good Friday Stableford
1st Gary Chapman  36
2nd Kevin Mills  34
3rd Robert Baker  33


16th April 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Robert Oates  39
2nd Robert Baker  38
3rd Peter Slee  38


9th April 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Robert Baker  39
2nd Colin Hancock  35
3rd Jon Skinner  34


2nd April 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st M R Talbot  36
2nd Chris James  31
3rd Chris Davey  28


29th March 2014
Saturday Stableford
1st Robert Baker 38
2nd Kevin Mills 37
3rd Simon Carr 33


29th March 2014
Rabbits Cup
1st Marc Davis 82 -18 = 64nett


22 March 2014
Terry Allan Trophy
1st Roger Folley 81 -17 =64nett
2nd Roger Benham 78 -12 =66nett
3rd Carl Kinson 74 -7 =67nett


15th March 2014
Campbel cup
1st M.Philips & J.Tancock 60
2nd S.Wills & S.Turpin 61
3rd P.Morris & S.Carr 63
4th H.McDonald & P.Fryatt 64


12th March 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Jon Skinner  33
2nd Robert Baker  32
3rd James Allum  32


9th March 2014
Sunday Stableford
1st Simon Rooke  47
2nd Chris James  39
3rd Paul Fryatt  36


5th March 2014
Wednesday Stableford
1st Mike Mullarkey  31
2nd Chris James  30
3rd Chris Davey  28


19th January 2014
Texas Scramble
1st P.Fryatt, G.Barlow and C.Davey 41.3
2nd O.Cowl, N.Hobbs and M.Jarman 41.4
3rd T.Thorne, S.Anthony and P.Jepp 41.4


11th January 2014
Saturday Stableford
1st Neil Davey 43
2nd Jon Skinner 39
3rd Wayne Ebdon 3